Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh do I make the pretty?

I have to have a TV in our bedroom. No question. But I hate that it just sits on top of this ugly dresser that I painted, off center (because of my Tivo and DVD player sit on the other side), and chunky looking. So, I've been searching around some designer's projects to see how they use TV's as decor. I love the idea of using a buffet or credenza to place a flat screen on. You still have the storage space you need for clothes or whatever, but I think it brings something nontraditional to the room. I love this Chinese credenza on ebay right now. What do you think? Is a buffet or credenza the way to go instead of an armoire?

This is the Chinese buffet on ebay. I just wish it was white.

This room is designed by Betsy Burnham. See the TV? This is my bedroom color scheme. I love the white credenza!

Or what about this one shown in a room designed by Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise?

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