Friday, July 27, 2007

Monogram frienzy!!!

I don't know, but after reading a "Preppy" article in D Home magazine the other week I have been in a monogramming mood! I just ordered white towels from Horchow that I am getting monogrammed in black for my bathroom and bright blue for the guest bath. And......I just bought a beautifully delicate little linen pillow from etsyseller Mommiesbee that she is monogramming for me. I am having her do a big red block "H". I'm putting it on our bed that has my beautiful black, red and white Suzani.

Oh...and I am looking to monogram the edge of my pillow cases in black with mine and my husbands initials on it. All of this could be way too much....don't worry I know that. But we will see once I get my little pillow and towels in.
Does anyone else like to monogram?

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