Wednesday, March 28, 2007


One of my favorite things to collect is Majolica pottery. My mom has been collecting for quite a few years now......her collection is far better than mine. However, I am slowly but surely adding some really neat pieces here and there. I buy most of mine on Ebay but you can look around in antique shops and you are sure to find some. If you don't know what Majolica is, click here and read about it in Wikipedia. I have also pasted a couple of my favorite pieces to collect below.
I love all of the Majolica pitchers you can find. This one is a rare find that I saw on Ebay. I love the beautiful bird.
This is another pitcher I found on ebay. The pitchers always have so much detail on them. I love collecting these and grouping them together on my bamboo shelf I have.
This piece is called a Begonia Leaf Cake Platter. I love these!

These are some of favorite to collect. Gurgling Fish. They are called this because of the sound they make when something is poured out of their mouths. They come in all different, blue, yellow, red. This one here is multi colored which are the hardest to find. From I am told, you can tell if these multi-color ones are real or not by the color in their mouth. Real majolica fish have pink mouths!

A lot of Majolica carries a chinese feel to them like these plates. These are called Wedgewood plates.
This is another Begonia Leaf. It's not a platter or a's called a pickle dish. I have about 4 of these in pink, blue, brown, and green. I display them with a plate stand or they can be hung on the wall.

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