Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bed Hunting....

So I am in the market for a new bed. Above, is a glimpse of my bedroom as it is now..well kind of. My bedding is the chocolate brown velvet quilt and the white with brown trim shams. I also have two throw pillows (shown in upper right hand corner in the brown color) on there in place of the zebra print ones in the photo. And my curtains are a chocolate brown damask print against my chocolate brown could eat my room up it has so much chocolate brown. So...since my room is sooooo BROWN, I thought a nice off white or beige color bed might work nicely. Below are some of my options I have been looking at. I also want to brighten it up with the fabulous white antler lamps from West Elm. What do you think....which one should I go with?

This one is on sale for $300, but I would
probably do the beige...this is a little too white for my dirty family!

I really really really love this one from Gallerie.
But again, it might be too white! $1795
And there's this one from gallerie... $1295

And this one I found at Club Furniture that comes in like 10 different kinds of fabric including linen. This bed reminds me of the one on the cover of the April edition of Domino (at least I think it was April). $1319

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